About Sugared Coconut

In January of 2016, we said goodbye to meat & animal by-products. We no longer wanted to take part in a lifestyle that causes so much harm to animals (first and foremost), the environment, and humans.  

We started Sugared Coconut in 2017, in hopes of inspiring others to adopt a vegan diet or at least encourage others to introduce more vegan meals to their diet. We want to show others that being vegan is limitless, empowering, fulfilling, fun, and healthy. That's why we create bright and colourful vegan bowls and meals (& sometimes donuts). Thankfully, we've had a great response and now have a large community of support who wants to learn more about our food & veganism.

The recipes that we share on Sugared Coconut are vegan, natural, wholesome, nut, and gluten free. We take a natural and holistic approach to life which is reflected in our food. We believe that good vegan food can nourish & heal the mind, body, and soul. We incorporate superfoods and herbs into our recipes because we've witnessed first-hand their wonderful healing effects. We believe in the benefits of a whole-food vegan diet and hope to make it more relatable through our recipes. We encourage you to modify our recipes to cater to your individual needs + lifestyle. 

In 2018,  we decided that we wanted to go a bit further by discussing the vegan lifestyle. Veganism is not just about what you eat, it's about what you promote, produce, consume, and do. That's why we talk about vegan beauty, travel, sustainability, and health. We've also started a new project called My Vegan Day where we ask our friends from the vegan community to share with us and our audience what they eat within a day. 


About Steph & Sam

We're a vegan couple based in Toronto who love to travel, eat, explore, and create. Steph is the recipe developer, food styler, blogger, and voice behind Sugared Coconut. Sam is the photographer + videographer, and content creator behind Sugared Coconut. We're just having some fun here whilst trying to play a part in the change that we wish to see in the world.