What we do.

Content Creation: We create branded content to reflect and enhance your brand identity. We also create branded content to share with our audience via social platforms. This content can be in the form of a photo, blog post, article, or video. 

Brand Partnership: We love developing meaningful long-term relationships with like-minded brands whose values + ethos align with ours which we can share with our audience.

Advertising: We share your brand with our audience via Instagram stories, dedicated posts, blog posts, or newsletter features.

Recipe Development: We love creating custom recipes utilizing your products.  Recipes can be shared on our Instagram or blog or across your social platforms. Recipes and food photos can also be utilized as assets for your brand + product. 

Virtual Sessions:  Steph offers virtual one-on-one sessions for anyone who needs help or advice in vegan transitioning, plant-based nutrition, and natural health. 

Product Reviews: We love trying-out new vegan, sustainable, and non-toxic products and sharing our thoughts with our audience.

Cooking Classes: Steph teaches small vegan cooking classes for get togethers and private events.


we've worked with.

Coconut Bowls | Rawnice | Thrive Mags | Huff Post | Breakfast Criminals | HBFIT | Chalkboard Mag | Vegan Lifestyle Magazine | Nero Box | Golden Grind | Unicorn Superfoods | Carrington Farms | Edward & Sons Trading Co | Vegan Terms | PureRaw | Square Organics | The Feed Feed Vegan | Evive Smoothie | Boost Yourself | Flora Health | Tropeaka | Three Farmers | Prana | Buck Naked 

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