Minimalist Beauty

2018 is all about minimalism and decluttering our spaces as well as our lives! Why not declutter your skincare routine too? I've recently started to take a more minimalist approach to life and material goods. This approach includes my skincare too, below are a few of my favourite minimalist skincare brands. 

These vegan, non-toxic, and sustainable brands are not only simplistic but effective. Using only organic and high performing plant-based ingredients, these skincare brands will make you glow from the inside out. There's beauty in simplicity baby.  

Our Two Favourite Minimalist Vegan Skincare Brands:


Agasaya believes that "there's beauty in simplicity" and in honouring organic ingredients in their raw state - Camelia Founder of Agasaya. 

The Canadian beauty brand consists of five high-performing products which contain no more than five ingredients allowing each ingredient to shine. Each ingredient comes directly from the source in its most raw form to highlight the true performance of nature. Agasaya's products are effective and multi-purpose so you don't need to worry about filling your bathrooms with countless products. Use the Moroccan Olive Soup as a facial cleanser and light scrub, a body gel and as a shaving cream. Use Agasaya's rose water as a makeup remover, a makeup setter, a facial toner, and a hair refresher. Meanwhile, Organic Barbary Fig Seed oil can be used as an under-eye treatment for wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles as well as a nourishing anti-ageing and balancing moisturizer. 

Every product is packaged in violet glass to preserve every ingredient and to protect each product from sunlight which can limit the product's effectiveness. The bottles are 100 % recyclable and you can re-use them at home for plants, storage, brush + pen holders or travel.

Agasaya donates 10 % of its profits to charities that advocate for women's rights, gender equality and equal access to education.

Try out Agasaya's Barbary Fig Seed Oil or their Raw Rhassoul Clay Mask to have a luxury minimalist experience. I love using her rose toner whenever I travel!



"MUN, a holistic approach to simple and healthy radiance" - MUN 

MUN is a minimalist range of pure, effective and high performing skincare products made of healing botanicals. MUN's formulas are free of all the bad stuff and filled with nature's finest to heal, brighten, nurture, and balance all skin types. With only five products, MUN will not only clean up your beauty routine but also your beauty cabinet. Use MUN's Purifying Cleanser to cleanse, remove makeup and exfoliate. MUN'S Rose Toner can be used as a toner, facial mist, and makeup setter. Use MUN's Brightening Youth Serum as a face, neck and eye serum. MUN's Pure Argan Oil can be used as a face, body and hair moisturizer as well as a cuticle treatment. These goodies are multi-purpose, effective and clean. 

MUN is not only a luxury beauty brand but a cause. "MUN is driven by a desire to collaborate across various cultures, empower others and enable sustainable economic development" - MUN. MUN has partnered with women cooperatives in Morocco, where women ages 18-50 grow the Argan, Prickly Pear, and Olive Oils that are utilized in MUN's products. New trees are grown to ensure the project's sustainability. All profits from the co-operatives go towards providing healthcare, education for women, and children and college scholarships. 

Try out MUN's Rose Toner and brightening youth serum (made with only three ingredients BTW) for a killer glow.