My Vegan Day with @healthienut

We asked our beautiful friend Taavi from @healthienut to share with us what she eats throughout her vegan day! Taavi is a health and vegan food obsessed 17 year old (yes only 17... you read that right) from Seattle. She has been blogging for a few years now and creates nutritious vegan food. Taavi promotes and educates people on the benefits of a balanced diet, you can eat cookies and pasta whilst being healthy guys! Let's check out what's on her balanced vegan food menu! 


You will most likely find me eating a big bowl of oats for breakfast. Toppings vary but it usually consists of fresh fruit, banana, some kind of nut, a generous spoonful of peanut butter (my fav), a variety of seeds (chia seeds, flax, hemp, etc.), and a drizzle of agave! Oatmeal is so versatile, so it can totally be customizable to anyone’s liking.




I am not going to lie…I am not a huge fan of lunch. However, if I do feel like going all out I’ll opt for a sandwich, wrap, or smoothie bowl. Today I felt was a sandwich day. Sandwiched between toasted multi-grain bread was basil pesto, pan-fried balsamic tofu,  pea sprouts, tomato slices, and a spring mix.



I tend to snack a lot since I don’t usually have a huge lunch. However, today was a simpler day and I was craving something protein-filled after a great workout. These energy balls are absolutely delicious, filled with ingredients like dates, hazelnuts (subsitute with pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds if you are nut-free), oats, maca powder, chocolate protein powder, and more. 



It was actually quite hot today, which has not happened once this past year. So, it didn’t make much sense to enjoy a bowl of warm soup for dinner. I didn’t let that stop me from making it! Enjoyed with a slice of sourdough bread. That is a perfect dinner right there, packed with nutrients and plant proteins. 
















Often cereal has an unhealthy connotation associated with it. I agree. Cereals are often heavily sugary and filled with names you can’t pronounce. Unlike store bought cereals, homemade is so much better…and tastier. I love making my own raw granola using simply dates, oats, and vanilla extract. All blitzed in a food processor! I usually pair it with some fresh fruit, such as bananas or berries. Sometimes I like adding some organic store-bought cereal, which I try to find one that has the least amount of sugar and ingredients.

If you liked Taavi's daily eats, check out her page for more food inspiration