Where to Eat Vegan in Toronto

Toronto is a top tourist destination due to its architecture, shopping, large metropolitan centre, and of course, the CN Tower. Travelling when vegan can sometimes be scary, whether you are wondering about the availability of vegan options or if you are going to have to make an entire meal from the sides menu. Or, in many cases... solely eat french fries. But, Toronto's an amazing city that is good for vegans. Here's a comprehensive list of the best places to eat vegan in Toronto!

Vegan Eats Toronto

  1. The Hogtown Vegan - If you want to experience classic southern and diner food with a vegan twist, you have to stop by The Hogtown Vegan. Offering brunch and dinner, you can enjoy the classics without the moral complex. Check out their Philly cheesesteak or their pulled pork sandwich, or some chick'n and waffles with a plate of vegan french toast. 
  2. Kupfert & Kim - If you are looking for healthy and gluten-free vegan options, Kupfert & Kim is a great place to go. Offering fresh juices, smoothies, buddha bowls, salads, smoothies bowls and oatmeal, Kupfert & Kim provides you with wholesome plant-based meals. Ps. they have all day breakfast for all the breakfast for dinner fans.
  3. Urban Herbivore - Urban Herbivore is both a restaurant and cause. Urban Herbivore offers wholesome vegan meals made from scratch in-house. You can get anything from juice, buddha bowls, salads, sandwiches and fresh baked goodies. If you're a picky eater or have intolerance you can create your own bowls. All wrapped in eco- friendly biodegradable packaging. 
  4. Apiecalypse now - 100 % vegan pizza and snack bar. Do we have to say anything else? Oh, they also make everything from scratch with locally sourced organic ingredients. 
  5. Vegetarian Haven - Don't let the name fool you, everything served at this Asian inspired fare is 100 % vegan. Vegetarian Haven believes in the connection of all beings, compassion, and respect for animals. Vegetarian haven  promotes a wholesome lifestyle which is reflected in their food. Offering Asian inspired lunches, juices, soups, desserts, (try their tofu ice cream) and signature chef dinner specials.
  6. Cosmic Treats- The perfect vegan food haven for kids, playful adults, sweet tooths and those in need of veganized comfort foods. Offering ice cream, treats, dessert, all day breakfast, candy and comfort foods such as spaghetti and 'meatballs' or 'chicken' pot pie. It's okay to eat dessert first at cosmic treats!
  7. Planta & Planta Burger - Planta provides vegans with an upscale, innovative, vegan, full-service dining experience. Planta promotes environmental sustainability, ethics and compassion through food consumption. Offering brunch, burgers, pizza, lasagna, salad, curries and more Planta can satisfy all your desires!
  8. Hello 123 - Good vibes only here! Hello 123 serves happy food & happy drinks in a very joyful setting. Offering everyday brunch, burgers, lattes, smoothies, juices, sliders, salads, bowls and cocktails. Anyone will do a happy dance after eating here! This is one of Steph's personal favourites. 
  9. Live Organic Food Bar - Providing you with wholesome vegan and gluten-free meals, snacks and juices made with local and organic ingredients. Live Organic Food Bar is a great choice for those looking for a satisfying healthy meal. 
  10. Bunner's Bakeshop - If you are in need of some vegan sweets, stop by Bunner's to get a vegan, gluten-free and traditionally styled treat. Offering cakes, loaves, ice cream, muffins, cookies and more! Bunner's promotes veganism for the environment, animals and human health.
  11. Tori's Bakeshop - Calling all sweet tooth's, Tori's is a vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable bake shop that provides you with a bunch of vegan goodies for various needs. Only whole foods and good ingredients are allowed at Tori's, so you know you will feel good after indulging in any of their goodies. 
  12. Mythology Diner- Craving some vegan classics? Stop by mythology diner to get your vegan fix. Whether you are in need of vegan wings, garlic bread, chicken and waffles, meatless meatloaf, alfredo, or steak... Mythology has got you covered.
  13. Grasshopper- Serving entirely plant-based American and Japanese styled comfort foods. Offering vegan meals, snacks, sides, desserts and drinks! Be sure to try one of their delicious signature dishes, we recommend the Japanese Curry Bowl.