The Healing Benefits of Turmeric

Okay, what's the deal with turmeric? Our news feeds, grocery stores, local markets, vegan restaurants, juice shops and just about everything in between have been filled with turmeric and turmeric products lately.

Why? Because of the magical compound curcumin and it's undeniable health benefits. 

I love turmeric and I try and incorporate it into my diet a few times a day, whether it's through a golden mylk latte, by taking a capsule, or by adding it to my meals.

Turmeric & Curcumin Benefits:

Anti Cancer: Various studies show that chronic inflammation is a cause of most cancers. Turmeric & Curcumin are powerful anti-inflammatory agents which have been proven to be effective in fighting various cancers.

Natural Pain Reliever: Curcumin reduces inflammation in the body whilst restoring and activating the body's natural pain relievers. Curcumin provides pain relief for those suffering with arthritis, menstrual cramps, joint pain, indigestion and endometriosis. It works for headaches, sinus pain and jaw pain too (for those with TMJ).

Anti Inflammatory: Chronic inflammation can lead to various illnesses, such as Arthritis, Crohn's disease, cancer, IBS, Alzheimer's, digestive upset, psoriasis and sinusitis. Turmeric can naturally reduce inflammation, lessen it's severity and alleviate the symptoms of inflammation in the body, such as swelling, aches and pains, redness and indigestion. 

Antioxidant: Turmeric has a high anti-oxidant capacity and therefore can assist your body's fight against free radicals. 

Digestive Health: Turmeric encourages the natural flow of bile, which in turn, promotes healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Detoxifier: Curcumin (once activated with piperine) naturally increases the liver's ability to remove toxins from the body. Curcumin is useful in the removal of heavy metals, pathogens and other toxins we regularly come into contact with. 

Anti Microbial: The anti-microbial agents within Turmeric can fight off bacterial diseases within the gut and digestive lining, such as H-Pylori.

How It Works Bests:

Turmeric and Curcumin are more effective and absorbable when consumed with healthy fats (coconut oil, coconut kefir, avocado, nuts), ginger root or black pepper. Black pepper contains a compound called Piperine which activates the curcumin and increases it's bioavailability.  


Easy Ways To Add It To Your Daily Routine:

  1.  Turmeric Latte or Golden Mylk (Golde Turmeric Blend)
  2. Turmeric Tea (Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea)
  3. Turmeric Capsules (Living Alchemy Turmeric Alive)
  4. Turmeric Chocolate (Golden Grind Raw Vegan Turmeric Chocolate)
  5. Add it to your smoothies or juices! You can also juice it to make a turmeric shot. 
  6. Add it to your soups or create your own turmeric root vegan broth!
  7. Make your own curry powder with freshly ground turmeric root, ginger root, black pepper, cumin and cayenne.