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Where to eat Vegan in NYC!

New York, (as usual) you were so good to me and my belly! Whenever I plan a trip to NYC I get so excited because of the number of vegan restaurants which are not only delicious, but health oriented! At home, it's often difficult to find a vegan meal that's gluten-free, nut-free, and organic, but in New York, it seems like there is one just around every corner (that may or may not be an exaggeration).

With that being said, I love New York (and the food) and I haven't even come close to eating at all of their delicious vegan restaurants, but here's a list of all the amazing budget-friendly vegan food spots I have tried so far.  

Erin Mckenna's Bakery Cinnamon Sugar Donut   @erinmckennasbakery

Erin Mckenna's Bakery Cinnamon Sugar Donut


New York Vegan Food Spots

1. Chickpea and Olive - Located in Williamsburg's Wholefoods, Chickpea and Olive quickly became our favourite lunch or light dinner spot due to their amazing Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich. They offer a variety of soul comforting foods ranging from dressed up beet burgers, hearty sandwiches, avocado toast, fries, slaw, and mac and cheese. Chickpea and Olive serve peace on a plate... for the animals, the planet, and global health. 

2. Brooklyn Whiskers-  It's fair to say that I fell in love with Brooklyn Whiskers the minute I saw it, tucked away on a corner in Bushwick, you will find Brooklyn Whiskers housed in a beautiful yellow building with the cutest kitty cat painted on its side. By the way, the cat's whiskers are whisks... how flipping clever is that? I enjoy puns and whit so I knew I would love this ethical vegan food haven. Okay, enough about the decor. Brooklyn Whiskers is a vegan bakery and cafe specializing in vegan pastries, donuts, bagels, bread, and all that deliciousness. We had their homemade bagels and I was blown away, they were too good and also huge. I had a cinnamon raisin bagel whilst Sam had a pumpernickel. Fun fact, I used to work in the bakery section of our local grocery store before I went vegan and I had to make 'Montreal' styled bagels daily. I can honestly say that these topped them by a whole lot. My only regret is not buying some of their croissants and donuts. 

3. Erin Mckennas - Oh, Erin Mckennas I think I left a piece of my heart with you. I have never eaten at a bakery with such ease in my entire life. Usually, when I go to a bakery I experience some form of panic because I fear for the stomach ache that will come after consumption or I fear that I will not have anything to eat. But when I went to Erin Mckennas, I was worry-free! They serve gluten-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free, wheat-free, nut-free (they use coconut so they cannot freely claim that), mostly organic, and vegan desserts. They also openly disclose all of their ingredients for those who have additional allergies or sensitivities. At Erin's, they serve a variety of desserts ranging from cookies, donuts, cake, cookie sandwiches, cupcakes, vegan soft-serve, brownies, and loaves. The first time I went to the bakeshop, I ordered a few donuts and they were fluffy, flavourful, delicious, and they didn't hurt my stomach. After that amazing experience, we continued to stop by for a treat throughout our trip. 

4. Beyond Sushi -  I am a big sushi lover, but I haven't been feeling it lately because of all of the rice. But, Beyond Sushi uses black rice and other whole grains in their sushi rolls which are wonderful superfoods that nourish and heal your gut. Along with all of the other ingredients Beyond Sushi utilizes. Beyond Sushi is not like any other sushi spot, they use wholesome and vegan ingredients and create innovative rolls and creations. I had their Sunny Side roll with black rice, fennel, sundried tomato, and avocado topped with butternut squash and tahini. My friend had their Chickpea roll made with black rice, eggplant, artichoke and cucumber topped with chickpea puree and tahini. These rolls definitely kickstarted my sushi cravings again!

5. Champs Diner -  The first time I stayed in Brooklyn I went to Champs and now it's one of my favourite vegan food spots. Champs is an all vegan diner serving comfort foods with no fuss, positive vibes, and in a super hip atmosphere. Champs goal is to service ethical and tasty food that makes you leave with a smile... and they achieve that. I had my first milkshake in years at Champs... it can't get much better than that! Along with a killer tofu scramble bowl and fresh juice. 

6. Little Choc - A vegan creperie, tea house, and apothecary that is gluten-free. Need I say more?  1) I love Apothecaries 2) I love crepes. 3) I love herbal tea blends 4). I have always wanted to attend High Tea.  Little Choc serves organic, healthy, and gluten-free treats and smoothie bowls in a super cute setting! We may have went here for breakfast everyday... you'll never know.