My Budget Friendly Vegan Skincare Routine

When times are rough, when our bank accounts and wallets are empty or when we are living on a tight budget, our skincare tends to take a back step. I am definitely guilty of that! It doesn't help that vegan, non-toxic and organic skincare brands are not the easiest on our credit cards or our bank accounts. But, our skin is the largest organ in our entire body, therefore, we must be kind to it as our skin health has an impact on our overall health. I've crafted a skin care routine for all skin types that won't break the bank and will still leave your skin glowing (as it does mine!)

Meow Meow Tweet Tweet  Geranium & Palmarosa Face Toner

Meow Meow Tweet Tweet

Geranium & Palmarosa Face Toner

Budget Friendly Vegan Skincare Routine

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate with Meow Meow Tweet Pink Rose Cleansing Bar - This multi-purpose cleansing bar is great for all skin types and will cleanse, hydrate and gently exfoliate your skin. It's french pink clay and crushed rose petals will gently detoxify the skin, whilst lavender, palmarosa, and geranium essential oils will calm, balance, clarify and heal the skin. You can get this skin saviour for a modest cost of $12.

2. Tone with Meow Meow Tweet Palmarosa Toner-  This antioxidant-rich, nutrient dense floral spray will hydrate, balance and tone your skin. You can also use it as an aftershave, to set makeup, to heal ingrown hairs and as a hair refresher. Another multi-purpose tool to add to your bathroom cabinet for $24.

3. Moisturize with True Moringa Simplicity Oil - This light-weight, non-clogging, antioxidant rich daily moisturizer has amazing healing benefits for all skin types. For those with mature or dry skin types, True Moringa is an excellent source of hydration and Moringa oil is full of antioxidants which fight free radicals to prevent signs of premature aging. For those with problematic or oily skin, this magic oil will soothe redness, minimize acne scars and prevent breakouts. It's also amazing for your hair and body so no part of you will feel neglected. You can get this magical oil for $26.

4. (Optional) Treat your skin to a weekly mask with YLLO Turmeric Face Mask - This gentle face mask is suitable for all skin types so even those with sensitive skin can reap its benefits! This face mask will detoxify your skin, gently take out any impurities, brighten your skin, reduce redness and inflammation and lighten any hints of facial hair. It's the perfect treatment when your skin is in need of a detox or some glow #youglowgirl. You can add this beauty to your skincare routine for $19.95.

Total Cost: $62

Total Cost with Mask: $81.95

Happy Saving.. even happier skin!