The Cost of Eating Vegan for a Day in Faroe Islands

In March, Sam and I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Faroe Islands. It's somewhere Sam has always wanted to go, so I surprised him with a trip for Christmas and his Birthday. The beautiful Nordic country, known for its jaw-dropping natural scenery and the infamous Lake Over the Ocean does not necessarily have the climate to support the growth of vegetables and other plants. Relying mostly on greenhouses, stubborn vegetation and imports for produce, the beautiful island was not thriving with vegan options. It's an incredibly beautiful place, however, it's not the easiest on a vegan's wallet. Or your stomach for that matter, due to the availability of grains and the lack of fresh vegetables. Regardless, we'd still go again in a heart beat. Here's a glimpse of what it costs to eat vegan for a day in the Faroe Islands. Ps. Me and Sam are big snackers so this may not be entirely the same for everyone. And, if you don't have a problem with wheat, your trip will be significantly less costly. 



1. Breakfast

Gluten-Free  & Sugar-Free Corn Flakes Cereal  $6 CAD  (when in doubt, eat the whole box throughout the day)

Soy Mylk                                      $4 CAD

4 x Clementines                          $4 CAD

Total Cost: $14 CAD


2. Snack

Latte with Almond Mylk  $8 CAD

Tea with Soy Mylk           $5 CAD

Vegan Oat Chocolate Chip Bars  @$4ch x 2   $8 CAD

  • We could only find a coffee shop within the capital city of the Faroe Islands. If you are looking for one with vegan options check out Paname Cafe. 

Total Cost:  $22 CAD


3. Lunch

1 Pack Gluten Free NON-GMO Corn Pasta      $8 CAD

Organic Tomato Sauce                         $5 CAD     

Total Cost: $13 CAD


4. Dinner

1 Pack Tempeh (We finally found some on our second last day)  $10 CAD

4 x Sweet Potatoes       $8 CAD

1 x Cauliflower               $6 CAD

1 x Organic Garlic         $3.50 CAD

Total Cost:  $27.50 CAD


5. Snack

Moo Free Vegan Chocolate Bar     $8 CAD (okay, this bar was the best thing ever & I need to find out where to get it in Canada)


Daily Cost: $85.50 CAD

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