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Vegan Eats in Bali

Not only is Bali Beautiful, it's also a vegan food haven. Due to it's climate, the tropical land is home to loads of vegetation, fresh coconut, and tropical fruits. It's the perfect set up for a plant-based diet. The vegetarian and vegan food scene in Bali is large and growing. In fact, most of the stable foods in an Indonesian's diet are fruits and vegetables. There's a slew of plant-based options for vegan travellers throughout the island. We have curated a comprehensive list of the best all vegan restaurants in Bali. I had the opportunity to eat at most of these vegan food spots during my trip, excluding a few that were in the making! 


Vegan Eats Bali:

  1. The Seeds of Life - Raw vegan cafe and herbal tonic bar in Ubud. The Seeds of Life offers fun, flavour, vitality, integrity and vibrancy through their food and atmosphere. Offering a wide range of raw food, smoothies, juices, teas and tonics, Seeds of Life is the perfect sanctuary for your health and spiritual needs. The Seeds of Life Cafe also offers workshops, raw food chef certifications and yoga retreats.

  2. Alchemy Bali - Raw vegan and organic cafe in Ubud. Alchemy Bali offers nicecreams, smoothies, wraps, dessert along with a mini eco-friendly, plant-based and sustainable shop. Alchemy Bali also offers alternative health services, workshops and raw chef certification training. Did I mention they have a maybe your own smoothie bowl station?

  3. Kokolato - Get your sweet tooth on! Vegan gelato made from wholesome ingredients. It's vegan, nut free, gluten free and soy free. Kokolato believes in transparency and offers you a full comprehensive ingredient list. It's simple and delicious.

  4. The Divine Earth - Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and mostly raw. The Divine Earth cafe offers nutrient dense meals packed with local ingredients (when permitted) which are sustainably and ethically sourced. You can taste food from several cuisines whether it's Italian, Indian, Japanese or Middle Eastern. You can also enjoy a blockbuster film or informative documentary at their Cinema. Movie and a meal! Who can say no to that?

  5. Kynd Community - A vegan cafe centrally located in Seminyak. Offering fresh juices, smoothies, hand poured coffee, homemade mylk, a variety of toasts, waffles and salad bowls. Kynd Community was created to show people how fun vegan food really is and to promote the positive effects of veganism for the animals, planet and human health.

  6. EarthxPress - A vegan fast, but healthy food cafe and wellness + convenience store located in Seminyak. Serving breakfast bowls, smoothies, burgers, coffee, tea, tonics and all day breakfast. EarthxPress is your go-to healthy fast food spot.

  7. Peloton Supershop - A vegan cafe and sustainable bicycle shop in Cangu serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Offering a fun variety of vegan goodies like lasagna, jackfruit tacos, charcoal burgers, and funky smoothies bowls, Peloton Supershop provides you with a fun and unique plant-based experience.

  8. Sage Bali - A calming and mindful vegan restaurant in Ubud. Offering breakfast, juices and wholesome bowls, Sage bali is a quaint place to start your vegan journey in Ubud. Try their tempeh, it's mouthwatering.

  9. Sayuri Healing Food - Raw living, gluten-free and simple vegan food. All sustainably and ethically sourced and made with high quality ingredients to promote nourishment, healing, rejuvenation and vitality. Sayuri Healing food also offers cooking classes, yoga retreats and events.

  10. Moksa Ubud - Healthy and tasty vegan cuisine that will love you just as much as you love it. Made with sustainable, fresh and locally sourced ingredients grown in Moksa's permaculture farm, Moksa provides you with a fine dining vegan experience. Offering raw, gluten free and lightly cooked options Moksa has a meal for everyone.