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Choose a Sustainable Period

Okie my lovely lady friends. I think it’s finally the time to discuss something that we have all been ashamed of and ‘shamed’ for talking about it… our periods.

I can’t believe that it’s flipping 2019 and this is my first blog post about periods. I’ve never felt comfortable talking about periods. I would hide my tampons in a purse whilst going to the bathroom. I would refer to my period as my ‘monthly friend’ when I was speaking in public or to males. I would NEVER ask a friend for an extra pad or tampon. Or ask a male figure to buy me anything from the store when I was desperate and had nothing. I also felt like putting a paper bag over my head going through the checkout at the grocery store whilst purchasing tampons. Let’s not even talk about when the cashier was a male… geez.

I AM LETTING GO OF THAT SHAME, MY FRIENDS. Periods are a natural part of life. I am a woman. I love being a woman. And I embrace all aspects of what being a woman means.

And we really need to start talking about periods more. Because guess what? They are incredibly unsustainable and so wasteful.

The Un-sustainability of Periods:

  • The average woman uses about 240 tampons / pads per year

  • The average woman uses about 9,000 to 11,000 feminine hygiene products throughout her menstruation lifetime.

Okie. We get it. That’s a lot of stuff. But, so what?

  • Most conventional feminine hygiene products end up in landfills and oceans.

  • That amounts to 200,000 tones of waste per year.

    • this waste includes a whole bunch of plastic. Which takes about 1,000 years to decompose.

    • plastic within our oceans destroys it and the various marine animals housed within it.

    • also many period products are toxic AF. These toxins get absorbed by the earth and are released as pollution in rain and in our air!

What We Can Do About It:

  • get a menstrual cup - it’s reusable. cost-effective. usually plastic-free and harmful chemical-free. And You only have to replace a menstrual cups a few times in your menstrual cycle lifetime! You are producing way less waste when you switch to a cup!

  • get re-usable underwear or pads - reusable, comfortable, cost-effective, and waste-free. I have several pairs of re-usable period underwear and they are game-changers. I have re-used mine so many times. They are completely stain free. I no longer have to wear pads to bed or worry about leaking throughout the day.

    And if you like to use pads. You can switch to re-usable ones! It will save you so much money in the long run and it will prevent all those pads from going into the landfill!

knix period underwear.

knix period underwear.