My Vegan Day with @fitandhealthys

We asked Layla from @fitandhealthys to share with us what she eats throughout her vegan day. Layla is a vegan food blogger + recipe developer, baker, and business owner of a dairy-free and gluten-free baking company in Australia. On her page, Layla promotes wholesome vegan food to nourish and fuel your body, as well as, a balanced fitness routine. Layla believes in the benefits of good wholesome food, and has personally witnessed its effects herself, and hopes to inspire others to lead a healthier and balanced lifestyle. 



Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, for this reason, I like to have a big breakfast every morning. My breakfast is typically loaded with lots of healthy fats, to keep me going until lunchtime. Depending on what I have going for me throughout the day, I typically eat a smoothie or nicecream bowl, or if I have the time, I will make pancakes. Today, I had pancakes topped with fresh fruit, peanut butter, and maple syrup.



After having a sweet breakfast, I normally crave something savoury for lunch. Today for lunch I had a Chinese style stir-fry made from hokkien noodles, broccoli, corn, carrot, and a Chinese style stir-fry sauce. I always try to have some sort of carbohydrates with my three main meals throughout the day and combine it with loads of vegetables or fruit, so I am full until my next meal and to curb cravings. 



Every day around 4 pm I start to get hungry again, so I will have a small snack to get me through to dinner. Depending on what I had for breakfast, I will have a smoothie or some savoury biscuits with a wholesome dip. As I had pancakes for breakfast this morning, I decided to have a smoothie for my snack made with a banana, almond mylk, vanilla, and peanut butter topped with granola and drizzled with chocolate sauce. 





I generally keep my dinners pretty simple, by using up whatever is in my cabinet, cupboard, or fridge. Most of the time I will use brown rice, quinoa, or potatoes as my base and some sort of legumes for additional protein. Today I wasn't too hungry, so I roasted some sweet potato and white potato with a green juice on the side.