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Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls (by Coconut Bowls) is a vegan cookbook featuring 100 recipes from some of the world’s most recognized plant-based creators.

Sugared Coconut was featured among others such as Earthy Andy, Ellen Fisher, Tess Begg, Choosing Chia, Ela Vegan, Fitness Bianca, Food by Maria, Laura Fruit Fairy, Oatmeal Stories, Rawvana & Tropically Lina.

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Thrive Magazine

Thrive Magazine is a plant-based food, culture and lifestyle magazine which is available at most major retailers such as Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble. Their readership totals 970,000 and total audience extends to 16,970,000.

My blue and pink smoothie bowls were featured as a two page spread within their summer issue (June/July 2018).


The Chalkboard Mag

The Chalkboard Mag is a guide to living well. The Chalkboard curated the best of what is happening in nutrition, alternative health, non-toxic living, fitness and all-natural beauty.”- THE CHALKBOARD MAG

I collaborated with the magazine to share one of my blue-green breakfast bowl recipes across all of their social platforms.

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Raw Nice

I’ve partnered with Raw Nice to create powerful and unique content utilizing their product to drive brand exposure and growth. Our work is used as creative content through their various social platforms, such as Instagram, as well as online media and newsletters.

A Sugared Coconut matcha latte recipe will be featured in their upcoming E-book.


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