Ondas - Nicecream Recipes

Ondas - Nicecream Recipes


Ondas is an ebook that belongs in the hands of anyone who wants to create more magical vegan nicecream. Featuring a collection of blue hued nicecream bowls inspired by the world’s oceans, this ebook has something for anyone in search of everyday magic.

This book includes 21 ocean inspired nicecream recipes created by Sugared Coconut, 21 unique photos, a detailed description of the magical ingredient Blue Spirulina and its health benefits, an overview of the primary benefits of 12 superfoods, and six nicecream tips and tricks to help bring your bowls to the next level!

Every purchase has an impact. 5 % of all proceeds will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. A Non-Profit organization dedicated to saving the world’s oceans, the ecosystem, and marine wildlife.